Shannon Bellamy is a Natural History Illustrator and Artist working from Onwards Studio in Newcastle, Australia. Through her practice, Shannon explores her connection to nature, and the beauty and diversity of the natural world. Shannon specialises in highly detailed scientific illustrations, capturing the finer details and textures of her subjects. 


Shannon is passionate about the environment and the potential for art to influence positive change. Shannon hopes that her work will inspire others to take a closer look at the world around them. With a growing interest in conservation and environmental sustainability, she has recently been exploring the Great Barrier Reef’s coral bleaching epidemic through her work. 


Shannon is skilled in scientific illustration and botanical art, and is passionate about developing a career in textile design and children’s book illustration. Creating traditional and digital illustrations, Shannon most commonly works in pen and ink, graphite, watercolour and Photoshop. She enjoys photography in her spare time and experimenting with other mediums including gouache, acrylic, charcoal, sculpture and animation. Her favourite subjects include marine life, fungi and native Australian flora. 

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